10 Things About Me

Friday, September 24, 2010

Carolyn over on Diary of a Sewing Fanatic passed on the challenge to post 10 things about your self you've never posted before. Well, considering I'm such a crappy blogger, unless you know me personally you probably know very little about me, actually! Okay, here it goes.

1. I don't feel completely validated in calling myself a crafter or even 'crafty' most of the time. I know, I have my own Etsy store, do craft shows and sell in local stores. I read all of these fabulous blogs from people who are SO much more talented than I am and who put SO much time in to their craft and I feel not worthy to even be partially in the same category. I know this has to do with some sort of weird crafting self esteem thing, but its true. I think it also makes me feel guilty that I don't spend more time on my craft business.

2. I don't like crafts/sewing projects that take more than one sitting! If I see a project sitting on my table, partially finished it makes me hate it. I like em quick and easy. I did finally make my first dress from a commercial pattern. It turned out to be a tent that was too short for me to wear. I fixed the tent part but am still going to have to give it to a friend because it's too short.

3. Most of the time I am too busy to miss my friends and family, but when I stop and think about them I get really sad. I have friends all over the country and my family is in Savannah, Ga. I go down to visit every now and then, but not nearly as often as I should.

4. My mom is still the most important person in my life. She rocks. I love her and I have a panic attack just thinking about the fact that there is a good possiblity that one day she won't be around. She is bitchy, has an attitude, can curse so well it will make any sailor blush and is my biggest cheer leader. She coddles me which I don't get anywhere else and is my go to person for advice. I wub her.

5. I am one of those crazy people who is obsessed with her dog. I actually have two dogs but clearly have a favorite. It may very well be because I'm his favorite too. =) (Said dog and myself.)

6. Custom orders for weddings stress me out so much I almost give myself an ulcer. Its so very personal and is completely about taste. What if they don't like what I've made? What if I can't find or make what they want? Ugh, I don't even want to think about it. (Custom wedding order)

7. I love fabric way more than I love sewing. Actually, that's not completely accurate. I love sewing too, just not all of the ironing, pinning and cutting you have to do first. I'm also not that great at sewing. I'll take a shortcut if you give me one and usually my stuff comes out pretty sloppy. That's handmade, right? I need to get better at that.

8. I am going to be trying to get into a competitive program at school this year. I'm trying to get into the medical sonography program (think ultrasounds). There are only 11 spots in the program and roughly two thousand applicants every year. What if I don't get in? It makes me want to wet myself to think about.

9. If you haven't guessed by the theme of this list, I'm a Negative Nancy. Glass half empty all the way! I can't help it, and the sad thing is I'm usually right!

10. This is the biggest secret, even to the people who know me personally. All five of you that read this blog (that includes the strangers! haha) will be the few in on the gig. George and I have pretty much decided that we aren't going to have kids of our own. In some ways, that feels weird to me because my entire working career since I was 15 has been about kids. I love them, they love me and I'm good at my job.

(The rugrats I currently nanny for)

Its not that we're never going to have a 'family', in fact its the opposite. We fully plan to adopt. We're pretty dead set on it. I don't know exactly from where or when, but we'll probably have to get started on the loooooong process in the next few years. It's super expensive too. We would definitely want a newborn. The craziest thing about it all as that a lot of the agencies I've researched will adopt to a single mother, a divorcee, and married couples, but not couples who aren't married. In theory, I get it, but George and I have been together 9 years. I don't really see us separating anytime soon and even if we were married who says we wouldn't get divorced? Because of this however, I think we are going to have to get married, soon. Most agencies require you're married for at least a year, usually two. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I have created a comfy little identity with not being married but being committed to him. I believe in the reasons why we've stayed this way for so long. If we do get married, it will be an uneventful thing at the courthouse that resembles notarizing a legal document, but it still irks me. Anyway, off of my tangent, I am excited and nervous and terrified of the process all at the same time.

Lets Cook! Kale, Sausage and White Bean Soup

Monday, September 6, 2010

This is a good recipe. Super easy, quick and delicious. I say 'recipe' loosely as you can pretty much do whatever you want with this soup. Throw in a little of this or a lot of that if you want. Make it thicker by using less stock or more soupy by blending half and adding more stock. You can make it veggie by eliminating the sausage and using veggie stock. You still have the white beans in there for protein and sometimes I make it that way just for a change. Either way, its delicious.

I used leeks because I had them. Slice them in half length wise then chop crosswise and throw in a big bowl of water. That way, if there is any sand in them (which there usually is, don't skip this!) it falls to the bottom of the bowl. Swish them around every now and then.

This time, I added sweet potatoes. Sometimes I use regular potatoes or no potatoes at all.

TIP! When you go to drain the leeks, use a slotted spoon instead of just pouring them all into a strainer. You don't want all that grit you just washed out to get dumped back on them!

I add a little olive oil to the pot to help my sausage brown up. Its a local sausage I've used a lot so I know it doesn't give off too much fat.

Local sausage I use. I like the hot kind, but any kind will do.

Brown up your sausage in the olive oil and when most of the pink is gone, go ahead and toss in your leeks. Drain the leeks well first and maybe even roll them around in a dish towel to dry them.

I use this prepackaged kale. Its already chopped and ready to go. I used about half of this big bag.

Let your Kale wilt down a little bit. Stir the sausage and leeks around with the kale (making sure you're not leaving your sausage on the bottom of the pot to burn!)

Add your chicken stock. Scrape any bits of sausage that may have gotten stuck to the pan at this point.

Sweet potatoes, AWAY!

I used two cans of great northern beans, rinsed.

Grate in your garlic. If you ever chop garlic, you're a chump. Use a microplane like the cool kids do.

I forgot to take a picture of it, but I also added a big can of crushed tomatoes with about half the juice drained. I love smoked paprika so I add a generous amount of that. Also, add in salt and pepper of course and any other herbs you like. I did grate a little nutmeg in there too because I love nutmeg with dark greens.

Now we're looking like soup! All you should be waiting for at this point is for your kale to get tender and your sweet potatoes to be done. keep checking them and when they're soft enough for you, turn off the heat! You're done!


Better! Grate some parmesean on top and maybe a splash of lemon juice. DELICIOUS!

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