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Friday, February 26, 2010

The Good Books of our house.

A Day in the Life of a Nanny

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Have you read The Nanny Diaries? I'm not talking about that crappy movie they made from the book, I'm talking about the real deal. No? You should check it out from your library. Seriously, its a good read. I knew a LOT of nannies who went through similar situations when I lived around Manhattan. The hired help, indeed.
I wasn't meaning for this post to be about The Nanny Diaries! I had a fun day with the kids and I thought I'd share some photo/video evidence of what a typical day may include.
Yesterday started my military-esq assault on diapers. We are in FULL ON potty training mode during the day. Sara has an irrational fear of pooping on the potty after an incident where she actually did poop on the potty but stood up and a little poop fell on the floor. I reassured her that it was perfectly okay, but she is kind of a neat freak and it totally bugged her out. She still will randomly say "Katie, I don't want to poop on the floor anymore!" I don't discourage that! haha. Anyway, today was day two of the hardcore, setting the timer and sending them (screaming usually) to the potty. If they didn't go then they had to go sit every 15 minutes after until they did go. They were both doing pretty well and as an 'extra treat' I pulled out some "big girl/boy pull ups" to entice them to want to go and to tell me when they needed to go. It worked pretty well! They were all about their new pull ups and here they are showing them off... complete with muscles!

Next we did a little arts and crafts and made puppets! They really loved doing this. They love doing any 'special pwoject'. = )

After a major sucess in the potty arena after nap (I just had Sara be a "Nudy Judy" since she hadn't gone #2 all day and I knew it was her usual time to go) when Sara not only went on the potty, but told me she had to go and ran in and sat on the potty herself! (I think that fear of going on the floor had more to do with it than anything!) Anyway, this was cause for a celebration! How does a two year old girl celebrate? She puts on her 'ballerina princess' Halloween costume and has a dance party of course!

Stolen From Your Sisters Closet GROSGRAIN GIVEAWAY!!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stolen From Your Sisters Closet GROSGRAIN GIVEAWAY!!!!
How cute is this dress?! You can enter to win it! Click that link and head on over!

Guess who was featured!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

(Click to enlarge and get the whole screen feeling!)
I woke up this morning (at eleven am! Lucky me!) and checked my email only to find a little note from the Statsy Featurator (if you have an etsy shop, and don't use this you're missing out! I would have never known but if you get featured they send you an email letting you know... unlike etsy! check it out HERE ) that I was on the FRONT PAGE! WOW! For those of you without etsy stores, this is something highly coveted amongst sellers! I am on cloud nine! I'm also very thankful to Tim Burton for remaking Alice in Wonderland (which is how my clip The Alice got noticed!) Woohoo!!!!

Love, Love, Love, Love

Sunday, February 14, 2010

(random picture of George and I at the Acropolis)

Happy commercial-exploitation-of-something-that-should-be-untouchable Day! haha. While I do feel that statement is true, I am not completely a Valentine's Day hater. I think that all of the gimmicky garbage is just that, but I do like the idea of taking a day to reflect on all of the people and places and things that I love. I LOVE love. I am such an over emotional sap and I love anything sentimental. Valentine's Day doesn't really lend itself to being sentimental, because its really hard to be nostalgic (I find) when everyone around you is doing the exact same thing. Valentine's Day has evolved into something that is annoying in some ways too... like how Halloween is all about girls getting a 'free pass' to dress as slutty as possible. I really hate public displays of affection. I don't mind hand holding, and I don't mind a peck every now and then, or a hand on a knee at the dinner table but people these days just go SO overboard! It doesn't show the world you're in love, it shows the world you're INSECURE! It just looks desperate and nauseating. It looks as if the couple is so scared that someone will think that they're not together or something else (gay?) that they have to cling to each other like the ship is going down! Its walking down the street people, not walking down the aisle! Be confident enough in your relationship that you don't need to touch the other person 5000 times when walking one city block! I think it speaks volumes when you can tell two people are in love and they never touch each other in front of you. Your energy should speak for itself. Okay, sorry about the rant. I like to view Valentine's Day sort of like Thanksgiving in that I just reflect on the things I love and am thankful for and if that happens to include presents like a new Ipod touch then so be it! So yes, I am thankful for you, my readers and a whole lot of other things. Happy Valentine's Day!

Acadia National Park, Maine 2003-ish


Friday, February 12, 2010

I bought this shower curtain today at Target. I think it is so SO fun and I am so glad that retailers are in on my sense of whimsy these days. It is one of those bitter sweet things though where you want it accessible, but don't want everyone to suddenly have it too, you know? I still like it. Yes, this post was about a shower curtain.

(These pictures suck. Go to the website and look at the close ups of the cute squirrels and owls!)

Who doesn't love Audrey?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I mean really. What girl doesn't love Audrey Hepburn? I mean, granted, I love her more than most probably do, but is there really someone out there that doesn't like her? Even if you think she sucks as an actress (which she doesn't!) you have to agree that she is a beautifully giving person. Just look at all of her work with UNICEF! Anyway, I am one of those super fans who is slightly obsessed with anything Audrey. So much so that I have the name Audrey on my short list of girls names (for some day far away when I decide to have kids of my own) and I'm thinking of getting my bangs cut like hers. I did that doppelganger thing on facebook last week and said I get told I look like Katie Holmes and the daughter from The Gilmore Girls all the time, but Kim, who I used to nanny for, told me that with short bangs and my hair back I look like Audrey all the way. I think that was the nicest thing anyone has ever told me! I've been wanting to do it for a while but what do you think? Short bangs are such upkeep but it may be fun for a while. Here's me tonight and then a few pictures of Audrey.

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