Food Pride

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I have a little bit of food news. George does a lot of the cooking and bread baking around here (it is his profession after all), but some nights I get home before him and I'm usually starving. That's when I crank up the Avett Brothers and get to cookin'!

Tonight for dinner I was in a pasta mood and it was also the fastest thing I could come up with. A few nights ago I did a HUGE herb harvest from our garden and we had tons of lemon on hand so I knew I wanted to use those. The rest I just made up as I went! The end product was ziti in a white wine/ lemon / herb sauce with some yellow squash and tomatoes. The squash, tomatoes and herbs were all from my garden. The tomatoes were so fresh they were still warm from the days sun. I also added a little butter (I am from the south after all!) and some red pepper flakes for heat.

My next bit of food news comes because my banana peppers have been growing like CRAZY! I have never canned anything before (never needed to!) but last Sunday I canned my first jar of banana peppers. I just heated up some vinegar, sliced the peppers, added some salt and whole cloves of garlic and voila! Pickled banana peppers. One of my favorite vinegar-y things! I can't wait a month or two down the road after they have really cured to taste them! I know it's not real canning (the lid sealed itself after it cooled down a bit... no water bath needed, but it was a good intro.)

Have you had any food pride lately?


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