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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Have you been to Target to get your Liberty of London haul yet? I did. Today. The first day it was out. I thought I'd be sneaky and go when most people in the bible belt were in church but I guess I live in a heathens town because it was still INSANE. People had carts overflowing with all kids of lovely florals. I heard more than one Target employee mention how they were shocked at how many people had tried on all of the different dresses so far. For my load I got the following items:

Cute ruffle dress (perfect for my Miami vacation coming up!)

Nightie (also perfect for my vacation ;) )

I can totally see me on this bike with a cute basket on front, but alas they didn't have it at my Target... I looked!

I did get this tray. I thought it would be perfect to display my flowers on at craft shows.
I also got a floral print box that they were calling a gift box but it really looks like a mini hat box (for craft shows and storage) and a black and white tunic/beach cover up that I can't find a picture of anywhere. Its super cute and really light. I think it'll be perfect for cruising South Beach and Key West in a few weeks!


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