Ugly Crush

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Do you have anyone you have a crush on that is less than stellar in the looks department? Mine are all musicians, but yours could be authors or movie stars. My mom's ugly crush is Tommy Lee Jones. She says his "confidence is sexy." George brings this up EVERY time Tommy shows up in ANYTHING.

My number one ugly crush will always be Adam Duritz. I love the Counting Crows SO much and the pain in which he sings some of the most beautiful words ever... well, it gets me every time. I must not be the only one because he's dated some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood including Courteney Cox, Mary Louise Parker and Jennifer Aniston. He's (I think) still dating Emmy Rossum. I also was on a flight with him once from Newark, NJ to Orlando. He sat right across from me while we were waiting to board the plane and looked at me at least 20 times. Its probably because the color of my face was going from pale white to deep purple. I ♥ him. (Just not as much as this guy apparently... scary. )

My latest ugly crush has been Win Butler, the lead singer for Arcade Fire. Now, I say ugly, but he isn't really. He's just not what I'd normally be attracted to. I was home in Savannah recently and late at night I caught a live show Arcade Fire did on tv. Ever since then, the crush has been full on. There's just something about him! I can't put my finger on it. That cute girl in the yellow dress? Totally his wife. =)
"We Used To Wait" Oxegen Festival 2010.


Jodi Anderson said...

I have to admit that I like Tommy Lee Jones quite a bit as well, although I am not really into older guys. Odd thing, though... while watching 30 Days of Darkness(Night?), I concluded that Josh Hartnett, in the looks department, is a young Tommy Lee Jones.

There was a Xanga acquaintance (one that hates me for outing her for having posted other people's content as her own) that had a relationship with Adam Duritz. If you don't know who, feel free to message me. ;) (Hopefully, none of her friends read this or I'll incur her wrath again!)

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