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Monday, January 2, 2012

I am pretty sucky at this blogging thing. Truth is, I don't have much that is exciting going on. I go to school, I work, I come home, I drink wine, I go to bed. Wash, rinse, repeat. I did complete my first semester of X-ray school (Rad tech school? I dunno what to call it.) which was HARD, exhausting, anxiety inducing and fun. I have some pretty awesome people in my class that I'm glad I'm going through this with. We've all learned pretty quickly that we have to lean on each other to get through this. Finals were probably the most stressful two weeks of my life and I was SO glad they were over!

Right before I got down to business for finals, I was called last minute into the biggest show of the year here in Asheville, The Big Crafty Holiday. I do The Big Crafty Summer each year which is inside and outside of Pack Place in downtown Asheville. It's always a good time so I applied for the winter show which is a LOT more exclusive because it's all inside (meaning they only have about 1/4 the space they do for the summer show.) I shared a booth with the amazing Rachael who I'd never met before. She makes the most darling clutches. We got through the whirlwind together. That's exactly what it was... people were PACKED into the venue and were ready to buy! It was my most profitable show EVER and I'll be SUPER depressed if I don't get in next year. (The pictures above were from the local newspaper!)

Speaking of Thimble Kiss... I just made a custom dog collar for a dear friend. It was a lot of fun to make the collar (I practiced on one for my sweet Belle) and the gem was that I made a flower that was removable for it. It was to be worn by Layla who is a rescued Pitt Bull and such a doll. She's an older girl and I LOVE how it looks on her with her snowy muzzle. =) I'm thinking of making matching collars (with flowers) for people and their pets. I'm taking custom orders now if anyone is interested!

Winter break is winding down. I have one week left before the slave driver that is school starts again. I'm looking forward to learning more, but am anxious about everything I'm already expected to know from last semester. I guess it's the nature of the beast. Only 4 more semesters to go! I can't wait until May 2013!

Happy New Year, Everyone!


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