Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm so excited and thankful to be included in my first ever Etsy Treasury! For anyone who may not know, an etsy treasury is sort of a coveted thing. Its a member curated list of items. Basically, you pick a theme and pick your favorite items from etsy that match your theme. Then, (here's the key part!) there is a chance that your treasury will end up on the FRONT PAGE OF ETSY! Or, in my case a treasury that I'm included in. How much amazing exposure is that?! The catch is that its really hard to get to make a treasury. You have to wait until enough treasuries expire (48 hours) and POUNCE! to create yours. You can read more about creating a treasury HERE If you want to view my actual treasury nod, click HERE.

Also, I just wanted to throw out there that Thimble Kiss has its own facebook fan page. If you'd like to become a fan of Thimble Kiss I'd be forever greatful!

Thimble Kiss on Facebook


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