My Creative Space aka The Disaster Zone

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I love looking at photos of people's work space. I love seeing how people organize and label all of their items and I especially love it when they don't clean up before they take their pictures! Here is the real thing folks, this is where I walk into all excited to start a new project and sigh. This is The Disaster Zone.

This is the view as the door opens. Dresser and Strawberry Shortcake chest covered in stuff.

Close up of the dresser. The flower pot and trellis are my project that I'm working on for my craft show display, what do you think?

This is my vintage Strawberry Shortcake box that George bought me from an antique store when we first moved in together. It holds my fabric stash.

Sewing Table. Machine folded down into the table and one under the oilcloth sewing machine cover I made!

Inspiration Wall. Pretty much ripped from the pages of the Anthropologie catalog.

My window. That's a picture of my dog, Belle taped in the window. I made the silhouette of the Frenchie above the window too.

This is my cutting table which is covered in flowers. I made the bird mobile above it.

Did I mention that this is also our guest room?! Don't you want to come and stay?! Its also our library and George's closet. Its a multipurpose room.


Kirsty said...

I love your strawberry shortcake's divine.

Amanda said...

OHHHHH..I am so jealous of your strawberry shortcake..Seriously jealous, the mess could care less with such a great piece :P

Leahdis said...

Great work room, its nice when you can shut the door on it! lol. I have to make myself one of those machine covers...stop the fly's pooping on my machine...(should I have disclosed that)?

Lola Nova said...

I like the trellis display. and yes, your shortcake box is enviable. Beautiful flowers!

Crazy Daisy said...

i totally love your Strawberry Shortcake box. Awesome!

Debra said...

ha ha ...a wonderful multi purpose room, oozes you ever sleep there too?..:) I would be tempted..i looooove your flowers...drool...thanks for your shortcake box...too precious :)

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