Included in another treasury!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Here is a screenshot of another treasury Thimble Kiss was featured in! Thanks to .RetroAttack for including me! (I now realize I should have taken screenshots of the last few I was in including the one I made because once they're expired they're gone forever!)

(Click to enlarge!)

The piece that is featured in this treasury is one of two that I have done as part of a limited edition fall collection. This piece and its partner can be seen HERE and HERE! Let me know what you think.


AllisonNoelle said...

Love your stuff. I'm so jealous! Still haven't ever been in a treasury myself lol. Congrats!

Jasmine said...

Things are merrily rolling along with Thimble Kiss. I'm quite excited about the progress you're making. As soon as I'm settled in my new state, I hope to make a purchase myself. =)

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