Meet JoJack

Saturday, October 31, 2009

This is JoJack. George named him (as part of my attempt to keep these names from being bestowed on possible future children!). We found him in the street near our house. We weren't sure if he was a wild turtle at first, and he had what appeared to be scrapes on his shell. I wasn't sure if he had been run over and gotten scraped on the underside of a car or what, but when I looked closer I could see that they weren't scrapes at all but sticker residue! Some kid had put stickers all over his shell. So, that answered the question of if he was wild or not. George and I took him home and my endless research on box turtles began. We had a reptile tank from a short stint with a snake (that I made George take back! It wasn't so much the snake that bothered me (though it did) but the thought of live rats in my house waiting to be eaten! EEEEEW!) but I soon found out that box turtles don't do well in glass cages. They need room to dig and walk around.... so I created his 'habitat' out of a 53 gallon storage container! I need to get him some plants, but he seems pretty happy. He has feasted on night crawlers from the bait shop and even has his own swimming pool!


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