Orange in Ten Minutes

Saturday, October 17, 2009

I decided to take Jodi's challenge over at The Women's Colony this week. I thought finding orange things that weren't just leaves would be hard, particularly because I'm not very fond of orange so I don't decorate with it, but I found all of these pictures in about ten minutes. Now I feel accomplished. =)

ps. No hate comments, please! I did put all of the recycling into the appropriate bin! -)


so NOT cool said...

This is perfect, Katie. I'm so glad that you're taking part.

In the future (read: when I find a spare moment), I'd love to talk to you about the upcoming Etsy post. I wonder if you'd consider either a reader discount or promotion, or instead consider donating a piece to our wee giveaways. You can consider it. Don't feel at all bad if you turn me down flat. I'll still link to your awesome pieces.

By the way, my new MSL came in the mail the other day and I noticed it was November. Not only have I not read the October (read: PERTINENT) issue, I think I'm backed up to February on that magazine as well as five others. So many magazines, so little time!

Thanks again for taking part. I'll put links up Monday. Yay.

Emily said...

Nice shots. Are those tomatoes? What a beautiful color.

Anonymous said...

Orange-handled scissors? I didn't even think of mine! And my last tomato is remaining green. I love how you found orange in the ordinary. (Sorry it took me so long, I've had a beyond busy week)

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