The Holidays - The Horror

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I am a procrastinator by nature. I put everything off for as long as possible, unless its something I really, really want to do... and then it has to happen NOW. I hate the holidays for this reason. It gives me a stress filled deadline. I am trying to work on new pieces for my etsy store, but that is taking away the little time I have for crafting for friends and family. Ugh. Its a tough call. As you can imagine, its the busiest time of the year on etsy and I've been slacking. I haven't sold anything in over a month and since I'm still racking up relisting dues, that just won't...well... do.
All of this leads me to the photos below. These are a few sneak peeks at my new brooches I've been working on! I've cut them all from fabric myself and assembled them. They are super cute and fun and I've got tons of ideas for more.

Also, if you, like me, are a procrastinator, then I HIGHLY suggest you check out Jodi's Big Cartel site. She takes amazing photos and I'm lucky enough to call her a friend. She lives in Wisconsin and loves winter and gardening and roasting vegetables. You can also find her over at The Women's Colony where she writes. She is also nice enough to give out a discount code through November (WOMENSCOLONY11) that will get you 10% off any print! Now go shop!


so NOT cool said...

Thank you for the mention, dearheart. I can't wait to pimp your site on Black Friday. (More details as we get closer to that day.)

jpeg said...

OH MY GOD! I LURVE the polka dot one! The shaping on it is really awesome. I think they're going to sell really well.

I definitely think showing them off on the scarf is key. A lot of people our age have been coming in the shop here, wanting to buy brooches for their scarves and pashminas.

And with a little Photoshopping you will probably be just as in love with your studio shots. Although I am a sucker for the natural lighting myself...

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