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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm joining the bandwagon over at Lobbylu...


Best Friends!- How amazing is my best friend, Jasmine? Amazing. I asked her to help me design something for my mini business cards I want to make and look what she came up with! I LOVE it!(The side with the words is the back)

BUYING HANDMADE!- I'm so excited to be making as much as I possibly can for my friends and family for Christmas. Each year as my crafting confidence grows, the list of people I make for gets longer and longer. I have some good ideas in the works... and even though they're just ideas at this point (well, I've purchased materials!) I'm excited.

Etsy black friday/cyber monday sales!- I'm having one! (If you use the word "blog" in the message to seller I'll give you an extra 10% off any item in my store! Most items are already 15% off so that's llike 25% off! Woohoo!) If there is something I don't think I can make or something I'm just not going to get to in time, I'll be searching black friday sales on etsy for them! I'm excited!

Starting Traditions!- This year is the first year we're doing our own little Thanksgiving. George's parents are driving down from NJ to spend it with us! I don't eat turkey, and they're Greek, so we're doing a leg of lamb. It's not going to be all Greek though, I have to throw some of my southern flair in there so we're also having my famous collard greens! I don't know if they technically go together, but its going to be yummy! I'm all about the sides, so there will be lots of other goodies too. His parents are also bringing us a kitchen table from Ikea which leads me to my next HOT thing...

Ikea!- I'm so excited about my table! It'll be nice to be able to eat like normal people!


Grocery Stores- The day before Thanksgiving.... yuck. How come I ALWAYS forget something? ugh.


Dace said...

Nice! I really like the design! :)

V for Violet said...

Lovely design. I too am planning on making most of my Christmas pressies - just hope there is time!!!!! x

jpeg said...

I'm excited about your table!!! I hope it all goes ok with the inlaws. Call me if you get a chance tomorrow, otherwise I will talk to you via email until my next day off.

So kick ass! Reading your blog always makes me excited to get crafty. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have some time to do another design. =)

Claire said...

Oh my goodness! We have that same table! $99 - you can't go wrong! Thanks for playing and have a great Thanks Giving. xx

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