Sewing Failure?

Monday, July 26, 2010

(Photo from Freshly Picked)

I have held on to this awesome tutorial from Freshly Picked in my Google Reader for a while now. It looks so easy and just like the kind of skirt I like to wear... simple cotton, gathered, knee length... and with POCKETS! I've looked over this tutorial a million times and finally tried to construct it myself a few weeks ago. I got the inseam pockets on the first try (woohoo!) and all was going great until it came time to attach it to my 2" elastic waistband. I had kind of a hard time getting used to the whole stretching the elastic from both sides as you're pushing it through the machine thing. Then, I realized that instead of following the directions exactly, I had been slack and actually had 2 times the amount of fabric (my waist measurement) instead of 1.5 times. This really added up when I realized that the elastic wasn't stretching THAT much and that I had a huge bunch of fabric left over all wadded up in the front of my skirt. I couldn't just cut it either because one of my precious pockets was included in that wad! UGH! I put it down and walked away.
Jump to yesterday when I decided I really wanted that skirt. The fabric was too cute and I had made those pockets, dammit! I went outside and sat on my deck with my trusty seam ripper and went to ripping away the waistband elastic. I finally got it off and decided it would be best to pre-gather the fabric and then attach it since I now know that there isn't enough stretch in the elastic. I did that (have I mentioned how much I hate gathering with the basting stitches technique? I NEVER get them even enough to satisfy my OCD) and actually got a finished skirt! I was all proud of myself and put it on to show George. Know what he said after staring at it for a solid minute? "It looks HUGE!" Excuse me?! What did you say?! ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY?????! "It's HUGE because I'm HUGE you jerk-off!" Then came my two year old tantrum. I knew what he was saying... it was too full but after the seam ripping and feeling like I salvaged the skirt it was all I wanted to hear. I can kind of agree with him, I should have gone with the 1.5 times my waist measurement instead of a full 2 times but STILL! Oh well, I'll still rock it. I don't care if I look bigger. I think the cute fabric and the pockets make up for it. Hmpf.


jpeg said...

You crack me up. I love reading your blogs. Especially craft or food related. And you know I got the hook up when it comes to petticoats. Petticoats fix everything. ;)

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