Jigga What?! Two updates within a year?!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

(These are Bailey's chubby thighs on her birthday. I LOVE them!)
My best friend Christina left yesterday, taking with her the cutest chunkie monkey ever. I was really mopey after she left, but we did have a (jam packed!) good time while they were here. Lots of shopping and antiquing and EATING which is always fun.

I also got my Silhouette machine! YAY! I haven't really played with it yet but am really excited to! This is my maniac face after I got the box in the mail.

I'm also really excited about my recent amazon purchase. I got a new canning pot and cookbook! I'm super pumped about some canning! I think it's safe to say that my metamorphosis into a full fledged granny is complete.

That's it. Life is good. My week off from work is almost over. Guess I better go play with all of my new goodies!


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