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Monday, July 18, 2011

I'm not even going to say it. Every time I stop by my little corner of the interweb I weep inside because of my lack of interest in posting! I think about posting... I come put with blogs in my head and then POOF! They never happen. My last semi-substantial post had snow in it. SO SAD! It's hot as Hades outside and I'm LOVING it! That's the true southerner in me.

A list of random truths since I last blogged:

* I got accepted into the radiography program at my school! Not my first choice program, but after doing some observations and orientations, I think I'll be just fine. I start in August! If your kid breaks their arm in the Asheville area around June of 2013, I may very well be the one x-raying it!

*I got denied any financial aid grants. Thanks SO much North Carolina for your stupidity when it comes to spending money! I never get federal help (I make too much money...or did.) but I usually get a little bit from the state. Not this time!

*I will quit working in August when I start my program at school! I'm finally getting to be a full time student... though with the previous mention of no financial aid, I will most likely have to find a part time job in the evenings.

*I've been doing lots of craft shows and am now selling locally in another shop! I'm in The Dry Goods Shop as well as Wink Salon now. I just did The Big Crafty with Shannon (of Early Girl) which was a blast.

*I won a Silhouette machine on Tip Junkie! Woohoo! I never win anything and this is a rad prize.

*One of my besties is coming up this week to visit with her Bailey Bean! So excited!

*I adopted a dog for my mom and aunt. Seriously the biggest brownie point earner EVER!

*I'm getting better at wading through stress instead of letting it wash over me. This is huge for me and my stupid anxiety. It's made my relationship a lot better too.

*George has lost a ton of weight and now looks as good as he did when he was 18. Seriously. Bastard. =) (This is him in his get up ready to go zip lining 4th of July weekend!)

*I'm getting a lot better about keeping up with my Etsy store! I am super proud of that and it is a part of my consciousness now. I NEED to do it.

*When I'm a full time student, I've decided that along with my Etsy store, my job is going to be one of those insane couponer people. Yeah, like from the show. We'll see.

* I've finally gotten on board with Skype. It's made seeing the besties that live in other states possible and for that I'm grateful. You don't realize how much you miss actually SEEING people until you do.

*I cut all my hair off, loved it and George hated it. Well, he didn't hate it, he swears he likes it but wants me to grow it back out. Men.

*I want to be a *real* crafter and am still thinking of ways to come up with something unique. I love my flowers, but I feel that creatively I need to stretch some.

*I'm excited for the future!


Jodi said...

It made me so happy to see this post, and to read about all of your updates. Your hair looks fantastic.

Men. Indeed!

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