Man Calves, Don't Fail Me Now!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I have an amazing group of friends with some truly amazing connections. My lovely friend Lindsay (pictured on the horse) grew up in Santa Barbara, Ca where, being a California girl, she surfed. One of her sponsors was Ugg. Yeah, those Uggs. She still gets a pro deal from them (which means a SERIOUS discount... like more than half off!) and so we put in an order the other day. She was gracious enough to allow me to pick a pair and I just pray that they fit my man calves! I HATE having fat calves and I'm hoping and wishing on every star that these puppies fit because MAN they are beautiful! They're lined with sheep skin and are waterproof which is perfect for our winters. They are exactly the boot I was looking for, a riding style boot with no heel and warm! I cannot wait for them to get here!


jpeg said...

Ah!!! Oh my gosh those are B-E-A-UTIFUL! With the lacing up the back, I'm sure you'll be fine. Woman's calves are actually larger than men's... unless you count cyclists. Somehow they never make women's wear with that taken into account. WTF?

Nice choice lady.

Katie said...

The laces are actually just decoration. I should have mentioned that. That was the feature that at first I wasn't sure of if I liked, but now I really like it and I really wish the laces worked!

The Boltons said...

When do they come in! I hope they fit so I don't having to put you on a boot training regimen!

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