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Saturday, January 30, 2010

When it looks like this outside?

Well, in my last post I whined about being backlogged in projects. It was a prime time to sew! And cook! And we kept power this time which made both possible! YAY!

I stopped by the store on the way home from work Friday before it started to snow. I think everyone was shell shocked from the last snow we had and was totally expecting the worst. Of course, all of the milk, eggs, bread and peanut butter was sold out at the grocery store. Why do people but such mass quantities of bread eggs and milk when the weather is supposed to be bad? Are they all making huge amounts of french toast? And what is with the peanut butter?! Since when did that become a survival staple?
Anyway, I digress. I made a hungarian style chili served on top of a bed of smoked gouda cheese polenta... YUM! George had to work at the hotel and got put up in a room for the night since the roads were bad so it was a pretty decadent meal to eat alone! Here is a picture of my (first) plate.

You can find the recipe over on Rachael Ray's website HERE.

My boots also came yesterday! and they FIT! HOORAY! Here is a picture of me modeling them with my pant leg down and up! haha. I'm such a dork.

I LOVE them. I also got one of my projects out of the way, Christina's nursing cover! She's having a little girl so pink polka dots were a must. I love the purple ric rac too! The flower is on a pin so she can ditch it if she wants to.

There's boning in it so that it bows out at the top. That way, she can see the kiddo but no one can see her ta-tas! I used a tutorial over on TaDa! Creations. It is a great tutorial that is easy to follow so thanks for that, Angel! The designer ones are called 'hooter hiders' which I find hilarious. So far its been a pretty productive snow storm!


The Boltons said...

I LOVE it! So sweet & I hope that she gets lots of use from it & that I don't ditch the breastfeeding early! (I have faith in myself!) And the boots look great too- I want to see them with tights and a short skirt!

jpeg said...

Oh my gosh it looks great! I love the rick rack too. =)

That chili looks so fucking good man! I'm going to get a bowl of mine after this.

So many gals are rocking the winter boots here. I'm incredibly jealous of yours! I especially love the laces. You're so posh.

Angel said...

Love the boots, and my husband was just salivating over that chili. It's on my must-make list now. Your cover turned out great! You're not going to believe this, but you won my giveaway. How fun is that! E-mail me at tadacreations@gmail.com


Say6cess said...

Way to be productive on a snowy weekend! I think Asheville has gotten as much snow as Denver has! If only I was as productive as you! :)

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