No Posts Since Early December, WHAT?!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ah, the joy of posting. It really does become habitual and I have fallen out of the habit as of late. I will post some pictures with captions to sort of sum up what I've been up to!

I hung out with these kids. These are the kids I nanny for, Sara and Julian. They are getting so big!

I got to go to Xmas Jam 2009 and see Ani Difranco and The Counting Crows among others. I was SUPER close to the stage and had a really, really great time.
See. This is me, Adam Duritz of the Counting Crows and the FLOCK of camera men who are in all of my pictures! I guess its the price you pay for being so close.

Then there was SNOWPOCOLIPSE 09'! We lost power for three days which meant no heat, no hot water, no stove and no *gasp!* facebook!!! One night in our house it was 50 degrees. You could see your breath it was so cold! We had to drink moonshine to keep us warm! (or at least that was our excuse!)

(Doesn't it look like he's trying to catch snowflakes on his tongue?!)
Home Sweet Home, Savannah for the holidays! (or close... I just had to get out of that snow!) Then I took a trip home and got to hang out with my pregnant best friend, Christina and eat big pickles. =)
Did a weird touristy photo shoot with our dogs in Forsyth Park

And to start the New Year, George bought me tickets to see The Avett Brothers. It was a great show though it was entirely too crowded! The people watching was priceless. I leave you with my favorite song from their newest album, I and Love and You.


Lara said...

Oh the kids you nanny for are adorable! I wish I could be a nanny!

jpeg said...

Best December ever! I think you have a good excuse for not posting much. Whereas, me... I just work 40 hours a week and live a pretty mundane life.

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