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Sunday, February 14, 2010

(random picture of George and I at the Acropolis)

Happy commercial-exploitation-of-something-that-should-be-untouchable Day! haha. While I do feel that statement is true, I am not completely a Valentine's Day hater. I think that all of the gimmicky garbage is just that, but I do like the idea of taking a day to reflect on all of the people and places and things that I love. I LOVE love. I am such an over emotional sap and I love anything sentimental. Valentine's Day doesn't really lend itself to being sentimental, because its really hard to be nostalgic (I find) when everyone around you is doing the exact same thing. Valentine's Day has evolved into something that is annoying in some ways too... like how Halloween is all about girls getting a 'free pass' to dress as slutty as possible. I really hate public displays of affection. I don't mind hand holding, and I don't mind a peck every now and then, or a hand on a knee at the dinner table but people these days just go SO overboard! It doesn't show the world you're in love, it shows the world you're INSECURE! It just looks desperate and nauseating. It looks as if the couple is so scared that someone will think that they're not together or something else (gay?) that they have to cling to each other like the ship is going down! Its walking down the street people, not walking down the aisle! Be confident enough in your relationship that you don't need to touch the other person 5000 times when walking one city block! I think it speaks volumes when you can tell two people are in love and they never touch each other in front of you. Your energy should speak for itself. Okay, sorry about the rant. I like to view Valentine's Day sort of like Thanksgiving in that I just reflect on the things I love and am thankful for and if that happens to include presents like a new Ipod touch then so be it! So yes, I am thankful for you, my readers and a whole lot of other things. Happy Valentine's Day!

Acadia National Park, Maine 2003-ish


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