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Sunday, February 21, 2010

(Click to enlarge and get the whole screen feeling!)
I woke up this morning (at eleven am! Lucky me!) and checked my email only to find a little note from the Statsy Featurator (if you have an etsy shop, and don't use this you're missing out! I would have never known but if you get featured they send you an email letting you know... unlike etsy! check it out HERE ) that I was on the FRONT PAGE! WOW! For those of you without etsy stores, this is something highly coveted amongst sellers! I am on cloud nine! I'm also very thankful to Tim Burton for remaking Alice in Wonderland (which is how my clip The Alice got noticed!) Woohoo!!!!


nic said...

awesome!! (you have to sing that in order to properly hear how i'm saying it.)

i dream of the day i make the front page. your clip is beautiful--that's one well-deserved feature.

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