A Day in the Life of a Nanny

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Have you read The Nanny Diaries? I'm not talking about that crappy movie they made from the book, I'm talking about the real deal. No? You should check it out from your library. Seriously, its a good read. I knew a LOT of nannies who went through similar situations when I lived around Manhattan. The hired help, indeed.
I wasn't meaning for this post to be about The Nanny Diaries! I had a fun day with the kids and I thought I'd share some photo/video evidence of what a typical day may include.
Yesterday started my military-esq assault on diapers. We are in FULL ON potty training mode during the day. Sara has an irrational fear of pooping on the potty after an incident where she actually did poop on the potty but stood up and a little poop fell on the floor. I reassured her that it was perfectly okay, but she is kind of a neat freak and it totally bugged her out. She still will randomly say "Katie, I don't want to poop on the floor anymore!" I don't discourage that! haha. Anyway, today was day two of the hardcore, setting the timer and sending them (screaming usually) to the potty. If they didn't go then they had to go sit every 15 minutes after until they did go. They were both doing pretty well and as an 'extra treat' I pulled out some "big girl/boy pull ups" to entice them to want to go and to tell me when they needed to go. It worked pretty well! They were all about their new pull ups and here they are showing them off... complete with muscles!

Next we did a little arts and crafts and made puppets! They really loved doing this. They love doing any 'special pwoject'. = )

After a major sucess in the potty arena after nap (I just had Sara be a "Nudy Judy" since she hadn't gone #2 all day and I knew it was her usual time to go) when Sara not only went on the potty, but told me she had to go and ran in and sat on the potty herself! (I think that fear of going on the floor had more to do with it than anything!) Anyway, this was cause for a celebration! How does a two year old girl celebrate? She puts on her 'ballerina princess' Halloween costume and has a dance party of course!


nic said...

i love your structured approach to potty training--you could give many mums a good lesson! and i, too, adored that novel.

The Boltons said...

This makes me miss being a nanny! And yes...I remember when we first discussed the Nanny Diaries- too close to reality for me!

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